Pastor Rick’s Message: March 2014

This year our Lenten study will be of the New York Times bestselling book, The Daniel Plan.  But this is not just a book study.  This is a practical reshaping of our lives for wholeness.   It challenges us to try life differently for 40 days.  First, we will look at strengthening our relationship with God which we may think of as a standard emphasis for Lent.  But we are also creatures of body and mind and they effect everything else in our life, too.  So we will try to bring health to our body by altering our eating habits and increasing our physical activity.  We will sharpen our minds with new focus.  Finally, we will have the strength of friends and the group to help us carry the plan through Lent.

All of this based on the beginning of the book of Daniel.  I invite you to go back and read it as Daniel refuses the rich diet of the Babylonian palace for a much more austere diet and challenges the King to decide who is healthier in the end.

I invite you to try the Daniel Plan and judge your wellness and energy when we arrive at the Easter event.  You may find you understand resurrection and abundant life in a new light this year.