Pastor Rick’s Message: May 2014

Growing Up

Our church school backgrounds can give us great preparation for our faith.  We often learn the stories of the Bible that can then be resources that we draw on for the rest of our lives.  But to be useful in our adult life these stories need to be reexamined and explored at greater depth than we were capable of when we first learned them.  While we may think of them as nice children’s stories often the Bible passages were meant to handle much more grown up problems.

A case in point is the new movie, “Noah”.  There has been much criticism leveled at the movie and its presentation of the story.  But the real contrast may be between the movie and the version of the story we first learned as an elementary student.  While the animals coming two by two, a dove discovering dry land and a rainbow appearance can be cute, the story in the Bible is much more involved.  The real story may be too mature for a Sunday School audience.  The real story may wrestle with questions that only adults can really handle.  And it may be over our heads as well.

On May 18th we will shape our worship around the Noah story.  I invite you to see the movie first if you would like to.  I invite you to read the story again for yourself.  Let’s build on the foundations of our faith to bring maturity and depth for our adult lives.