Souper Bowl Sunday, February 5th

Our youth will hold soup pots at church doors on Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday, February 5, 2017.  They will join young people in churches across the country to collect money for those who are hungry and hurting. In 2016, over $10.5 million in cash and food was collected by Souper Bowl of Caring participants for local charities including our $153 for Covenant Soup Kitchen. All of the money collected is donated to a charity selected by the participant – none of the money is sent to the Souper Bowl of Caring headquarters. Organizers only ask that each participant report their collection so national totals can be determined and announced. Since the Souper Bowl of Caring began in 1990, more than $100 million has gone to help people in need.  Please support the youth of our church in this effort to “love our neighbors” by dropping your dollar in the soup pot on February 5.  Our Souper Bowl donations go to Covenant Soup Kitchen.


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