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Christmas Services & Events

Sunday, December 4th, Love Feast
7:00 p.m. A community celebration of the birth of Christ

Christmas Sunday, December 18th
9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship
11:15 a.m. Contemporary Worship & Children’s Pageant

Sunday, December 18th, Christmas Caroling
5:00 p.m. Meet at the church; we will visit homes of some of our members and greet them with songs of the season.

Saturday, December 24th, Christmas Eve Service
6:30 p.m. “Music of the Season”
Music to warm your hearts as we gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth
7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25th
One service at 10:00 a.m.
O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord!


Pastor Rick’s Message: Dec 2013

Christmas Giving

It almost seems redundant to say both Christmas and Giving.  This is the time of year that we are so focused on giving.  We work hard to find the best gift for everyone on our list.  There is a giving spirit that pervades this season.  Charities hope to catch us in a generous spirit.  And we find that we are more likely to give now than at other times of the year when we are approached with requests.

It is an appropriate response to the gift of God’s child to us.  We may be inspired by the historical St. Nicholas who was known for giving to those who were truly needy.  The challenge for us is to have our giving become more mature.  Jesus, the baby, grew up.  The Christmas season may be a generous time but our generosity needs to grow up.  It should not be limited to one season of the year but develop into an ongoing habit.

May your faith find new life in the Christmas event.  May it mature in you throughout the year.  That at anytime you will find you have a generous spirit.

Pastor Rick’s Message: Dec 2012

As we enter the winter season, it’s hard to know what to expect.  Will it be another warm, mild winter like last year?  Will it be a pounding of heavy snowstorms like the year before?  We don’t know for certain, so we do what we can.  We prepare for winter.  Snow shovels, snow blowers and plows are readily at hand.  Skis and sleds are pulled out and ready to go.  We watch the forecast to see what is at hand in the next week.  Prepare for it, then watch, wait and deal with it when it comes.

Advent is our time to remember that we need to prepare, watch and wait in our spiritual lives as well.  What will Christmas look like this year?  Will we have a wonderful family gathering?  Will it be a very difficult season for us either emotionally or financially?  Will our faith be renewed with a wonderful experience of Christ’s presence?  Let’s not rush into the season of Christmas without preparing first.  Take advantage of the worship services that lead up to Christmas.  Find ways to participate in the work of Christ by joining us Christmas caroling, participating in the Adopt-A-Family program or by helping and contributing to your favorite charity.

Keep your eyes open for signs of Christ’s love and presence in each day.  By looking for it you build your expectation and increase your chances of seeing God’s work already taking place in your life.  Prepare, watch and wait but with certain expectation of God coming into your life!

Dec 24: 6:30pm Music of the Season – 7pm Christmas Eve Service