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Pastor Rick’s Message: March 2014

This year our Lenten study will be of the New York Times bestselling book, The Daniel Plan.  But this is not just a book study.  This is a practical reshaping of our lives for wholeness.   It challenges us to try life differently for 40 days.  First, we will look at strengthening our relationship with God which we may think of as a standard emphasis for Lent.  But we are also creatures of body and mind and they effect everything else in our life, too.  So we will try to bring health to our body by altering our eating habits and increasing our physical activity.  We will sharpen our minds with new focus.  Finally, we will have the strength of friends and the group to help us carry the plan through Lent.

All of this based on the beginning of the book of Daniel.  I invite you to go back and read it as Daniel refuses the rich diet of the Babylonian palace for a much more austere diet and challenges the King to decide who is healthier in the end.

I invite you to try the Daniel Plan and judge your wellness and energy when we arrive at the Easter event.  You may find you understand resurrection and abundant life in a new light this year.


Pastor Rick’s Message: March 2013

Being followers of Jesus is a rich promise, filled with a variety of work and an equally varied assortment of disciples. As we move through Lent we are looking at our own call from Jesus to “Come, Follow Me.” In February we heard the stories of Nathanael and Thomas as they responded to that call and lived out their lives. During the month of March we will see John, Mary Magdalene, Paul and Peter each witness to the work of God as they followed Jesus.

Meanwhile, the band has sung, “Follow Me (87 times),” challenging us to the essential work of our Christian faith. Our adult study of the book, “I Am A Follower,” is reminding us that the best leaders in the church are first and foremost followers of the way of Jesus.

By the time we reach Holy Week and Easter, March 24-31, we will be able to truly follow the disciples and Jesus through the ultimate drama of our faith. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring new life to your faith. Hear and respond to Jesus’ call to “Follow Me.”

Pastor Rick’s Message: Feb 2013


A journey through Lent

Much is made of leadership in the church and we encourage our children not to be followers to prevent them from being a participant in some questionable activity that “everybody” was doing.

But this upcoming season of Lent we will be emphasizing being a follower of Jesus.  In worship we will highlight a different follower or disciple of Jesus each week.  From the Bible to church tradition, what do we know about these followers and their lives with Jesus and following his death and resurrection?  Examine the lives of Peter, Mary Magdalene, Paul, John and others as we worship in Lent.

Our Lenten study will be held on Tuesday evenings beginning February 19 at 7 p.m.  We will be studying the book, I Am a Follower, by Leonard Sweet.  Copies of the book are $11.50 new through the office or you may find cheaper prices on used books online or with Kindle.  The book is not required to participate in the study.  I invite you to join us for this study to become a better disciple of Jesus and to increase your knowledge of our Christian faith.

Begin your Lenten journey with us at our Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary.  A pot-luck supper will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  Come when you can, have dinner with us and then experience the beginning of Lent in worship with the traditional imposition of ashes.

Pastor Rick’s Message: March 2012

What a great beginning to Lent. By the change we make in ourselves we are making good things happen for other people. The worship band’s presentation of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” was a fresh reminder to focus on our own faith growth and improvement in the season of Lent. It can make a difference.
So make good things happen for other people!

Wonderful things are happening at our church:

-People are being served weekly in our Thrift Shop and Kids boutique.

-Four Corner Puppets performed for the Holy Family Shelter and Kensington United Church of Christ

-The Interfaith Sewing Group serves numerous agencies and is collecting for hygiene kits

-Our Lenten Study helped us understand scripture and the faith we share with homosexuals validating our Open and Affirming status.

-We offer both a traditional and a contemporary worship service to encounter and worship God

This month offers new possibilities:

-A weekly coffeehouse will be hosted in our auditorium Wednesday’s at 7 p.m.

-Witness the possibilities of working with the poor as our Youth share their mission trip experiences in our Lenten study

-Find out how you can make a positive impact on our environment and save money at our Lenten Study

Our church is a wonderfully giving group of people. Let’s keep making good things happen for other people!

Pastor Rick’s Message: Feb 2012

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that has become very popular in the church and in our society. Through the season of Lent this year we will try to embody the sentiment of this quote as we seek to Change the World; Change Ourselves. Jesus clearly wanted to introduce change to his world as he proclaimed the Kingdom of God was at hand. But he worked by changing the lives and the worldview of his disciples who could then contagiously extend that change to others.

During this season of Lent we will explore the challenges of Jesus’ teaching for our lives. In accepting this work to improve the character of our own lives we hope to discover the world of promise where we experience both abundant life and signs of the Kingdom of God.

We can become overwhelmed at the prospect of continually improving ourselves. But I challenge you to take the limited time of these 40 days of Lent to improve your life and your discipleship. Take advantage of both our Tuesday evening series and our Sunday morning worship as special opportunities for your growth.