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Pastor Rick’s Message: Jan 2014

The human eye can see the light from a single candle from a distance of 14 miles.   Epiphany is a celebration of God’s light coming and present in the world.  With its timing in mid-winter and just after Christmas it reminds us of the power of light to overcome darkness.  It brings us hope.  “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light. “ (John 1:5)  We know the darkness.  Many become depressed at this time of year with its expansive periods of darkness.  Others are overwhelmed by the darkness of life in the midst of financial worries, loneliness, or broken relationships.

Yet in the midst of this darkness, God’s light does come and it offers us hope.  Unfortunately, we are not able to avoid the darkness but with God’s grace we may endure it with hope and pass through it.  Are we able to see the light of hope when it is still far off?  Can we perceive God’s small actions in our own lives?  We come seeking evidence that God is still working in a very dark world.  We come to experience hope.  And as we gain perception, we can direct others to the source of hope and life.  May God’s light break into your life as you begin this New Year.